Our Activities


We aim to provide comprehensive solutions to the under privileged that is beyond financial, psychological and medical support. Activities include:

  We regularly organize cultural programmes for and by the students of the institute. Their touching songs & dances definitely leaves the audience spellbound.

We took the first major step into the outside world when the organization took part in the fete organized by Kolkata Police Women's Association. At our stall, we exhibited & sold articles made by the challenged children - and bagged the Second Prize at the fete.


We celebrate "Raksha Bandhan" (an Indian festival to honour the "bond" between brothers & sisters) by taking our special children to regular schools and interact with the students.


Drama Therapy is a part of our curriculum; our children enact plays organised by other institutions.


We celebrate World Disability Day by organising rallies & cultural programmes.


If you need more information of our activities and/or the ways in which you can help please do Contact Us.

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