Success Story

We would like to share some of our drawbacks and achievements
Ruprekha Mitra(Diya), 9 yrs, Hearing Impaired

Her mime act on stage might win him many accolades. But, her life is a silent act as she suffers from bilateral profound hearing loss and expresses herself only with gestures.

Today with specialized vocational training she is able to articulate words, tries at alphabets and takes keen interest in her art class.

Trishita Sarker :- 4.5 Yrs. Mental Retardation :

financial background prevented her parents to provide her with timely training and necessary treatment, which has hampered her mental growth. With proper training and care she has now become a calmer, cheerful and a friendly girl. She now loves to dance, hear music & tries her hand in drawing.

Shibasis Roy,5yrs, Mental Retardation& Hearing Impaired

He tries to express herself through paint & clay. But, a quiet future looms large, as he is unable to speak her heart out. With specialized training and education her speech has improve which in turn has increased his thirst for knowledge. Colors through the art class have given a new meaning to his life.

Dev Piyada :- 5 Yrs. Autistic:

Owing to poor sensory & motor system, he, who could not eat, walk or even take care of any of his personal needs, is now able to walk eat comb his hair, button up his shirts and even takes care of his personal needs to some extent.

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